4G Nationwide Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data, $49 per month or Free!

It is pretty simple. The freedom that you have always want of no contract with a low cost everything package cell phone service. No overages. No commitment. No problem. And instead of spending billions on advertising, they make it possible for you to lower your bill or even earn money, just for sharing this great service with your family and friends.

The Back Story

AT&T and T-Mobile have called off talks of a merger after some serious federal opposition, but there is still some unfinished business left to attend to. As repayment for the failure to close on a deal, AT&T owes a sum of $3 billion to T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom. Their repayment comes in the form of an expanded network via new AWS spectrum in 128 markets and a UMTS roaming deal that will increase customer reach from the current 230 million to a projected 280 million. Of the markets covered in the newly awarded radio space, 12 are ranked in the top 20.

The Real Deal

The only thing you need is the phone that you already have in your hand. Just get your current phone unlocked, order Solavei’s service sim card for $25, and enroll in Solavei’s $49 per month cell phone service. If you are looking to update or upgrade to a new phone, they have some to choose from on their Solavie Site. Two to three days later you will see a Fedex box come in the mail with the Sim card. Take the sim card and place it into you phone, use the included activation code, and you will have service with 5 minutes. It is as easy as that!

What if I am still under a contract on my mobile phone?

Members are responsible for resolving any outstanding balance with their previous mobile provider. There are several options for resolution:

Pay the ETF (Early Termination Fee) with your previous provider, most mobile providers now offer a tiered ETF structure where your ETF amount reduces as you get closer to contract end date. By attracting new Solavei members into your network in the first 60 days you can earn up to $650 in cash bonuses that you could use to pay for your ETF amount.

Keep your previous provider and reduce your monthly service plan to the lowest plan offered, use as an emergency only phone or keep secured until your contract is over.

Solavei Comparision 4G Nationwide Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data, $49 per month or Free!