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Entrepreneur that supports the precepts of Free EnterpriseA long time student of global economics, as well as a believer in the preservation of assets through Gold & Silver Collectible CoinsInto creating multiple streams of income, using the power of time leverage and capturing passive/residual income.

Helps folks convert their devaluing dollars into Gold & Silver Collectible Coins.

I am very well rounded, committed, multi-talented individual and a dedicated father, husband and athlete as well as a man of faith. His dedication and passion to inspire others around him has resulted in success for him and those around him. He is a rare visionary, a man who thinks outside the box and makes things happen.

In the past my foundation and business training began at Ford Motor Co., World Headquarters, in Dearborn Michigan. Where I served as a trouble shooter in R&D section of the Tire and Wheel Division at Ford’s Proving Grounds.

In 1978 he opened a real estate brokerage and development company, formed  a “One Stop Shop” for your Design, Construction and Real Estate needs with my family.  Real Estate Exchangers, a Seminar speaker for Real Estate 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, Creative Real Estate Acquisitions and Buyers Broker Representation.

Experience in sales and marketing later attracted NUR Corporation (New Urban Radio). NUR Corporation was on it’s way to becoming the largest mobile radio company in America just prior to the cellular era. NUR Corporation, a $35 million, high-tech communications venture introduced new business concepts into the industry and acquired over 700 trunked, two-way radio channels in 30 of the top 50 U.S. cities. I was retained with NUR Corporation as a staff advisor to the CEO & Founder. He functioned as a consultant for marketing, management and capitalization.

Served as a Trainer of Trainers and Featured Speaker. I worked for over 20 years as a Marketing Consultant. Degree in Business Administration/Accounting from California Polytechnic State University.
Along with his business skills is also a very talented athlete. He worked at Mission Tennis Ranch in Carmel, California as a Club Manager and Teaching Pro in the early 70’s.
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 About Author