Messenger Molecules

Amazing Messenger Molecules



The first and only stable, perfectly balanced mixture of reactive molecules native to the human body enhancing cellular communications!


~Christine G’s Testimony~
This product came to my husband a few weeks after I had finished 4 months of chemotherapy and I was trying to recover from the terrible affects of those toxic chemicals. The recovery process was at a standstill and then I got hit with the H1N1 virus as a result of my extremely weak immune system. The H1N1 knocked me down to a lower level than where I was when I was on the chemotherapy. I was mentally depressed, physically extremely weak and emotionally drained. It was the lowest point in my life. The whole time from before the first day I went on chemotherapy, until after it, my husband was sending out emails to family and close Christian friends giving them updates on my status and asking for prayer. I am so thankful for my loving husband caring for me in my time of need. Anyway, when I was at this low point, my husband was introduced to ASEA; after a long talk with Dr. Robertson Ward M.D. on how ASEA could help me, my husband arranged for a case of the product to be sent right away! Shortly after taking the ASEA, I slowly and steadily climbed out the dark hole I had been in. I started getting a full restful night sleep, which I hadn’t had for many years, due to the liver disease I had been living with for almost 25 years. I had been in a fog from the chemicals in the chemotherapy drugs and found that I quickly regained clarity of mind, being able to keep focus on just average everyday conversations which had been impossible before that time. My level of physical energy totally turned around; which had frustrated me before, only being able to go from the bed to the couch, watch TV and do a little knitting on a good day only added to my emotional imbalance. Now I am much more emotionally stable. I am a person that needs to be busy working on something… ANYTHING, therefore doing nothing was very depressing. A few weeks after being on ASEA I had the energy once again to do things that I hadn’t for 6 months. Basic things like cook, clean, sew, and go for walks on the beach….Thanks to ASEA I had my LIFE back again!

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