Food For Cash

What makes the perfect story?

It’s the story that can make you laugh, cry, be moved to action, and make you sit on the edge of your seat. It’s the story of GOFoods.

In NetWORK Marketing today, there are thousands and thousands of companies to choose from. Some are big and some are small. Some sell lotions and some sell juices and some sell just about everything else you can imagine. They are all trying to get you to join; and they are all trying to say that they will be the next giant.

Every once in a while, the right company comes along and creates the ultimate opportunity. We stand apart from everyone else. We are the only NetWORK Marketing Company in the world today that has the perfect story to the ultimate opportunity.

The GOFoods Opportunity

Sometimes you may be asked, why GOFoods? You could tell them about any one or two things, but when they hear the whole story, many will also understand, catch the vision and join us. For a company to succeed in NetWORK Marketing, all of the four key components must be securely in place. Some companies have one or two, some may even have three of the keys. But without all four, they will not survive and they will not be the true next giant in the industry.

So what are those fours keys and how do they make GOFoods the ultimate opportunity? To succeed, to truly succeed, you need to have the perfect company, with the perfect product, the perfect timing and of course, the perfect compensation plan.

Never in the history of our industry, have the key components been in place so soundly and securely as they are with GOFoods.


The Company

For over thirty years now, Steve Shenk and Babs Rossberg, the founders of GOFoods were a huge success in the food storage business. Through traditional advertising, they were able to reach out and help a few thousand people a year secure their future. However, for many years, they wanted to be able to reach more; not just a few thousand, but hundreds of thousands. Their vision to help people all over the world was inspiring, but without the right marketing system, they knew they never could. They both knew they would need to turn to the greatest marketing system in the world, network marketing.

NetWORK marketing is the greatest marketing system in the world. Why? It’s based upon people sharing products with other people. Large companies spend millions, even billions to advertise their name and hope you buy their product. However, they, like everyone else, know that the most effective form of advertising is by word of mouth and that’s what network marketing is all about. People sharing products and hope with other people.

In order to carry out their dreams and implement their plans, Steve and Babs searched and brought on board some of the most successful people in network marketing. They brought on corporate leaders who have been incredibly successful in our industry. They hired the team who knows how and is set to lead GOFoods to be the next giant.

Brad Stewart was chosen to lead the GOFoods team because of his initiative, vision, and experience. Having taken another company from near failure to 100 million in annual sales, Brad knows what it takes to get the job done. Brad’s progressive and generous approach fosters communication with IBO’s and corporate staff and promotes growth at all levels. Brad is passionate about the success of the people who are sharing the GOFoods message.

With over 20 years of experience with some of the largest companies in network marketing, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing,Mike Casperson, is a leading force in providing the marketing necessary to create a GOFoods dynasty. Fresh promotionals, incentives, communications, and materials are Mike’s passion! His talents in these areas bring fun, excitement, enthusiasm, and fulfilment to IBO’s and GOFoods customers. With Mike on the team, everyday is a GO Party!”

Chief Financial Office, Mike Rossberg, ensures that GOFoods maintains it’s conservative and fiscally responsible position so that you always have a solid financial foundation to build upon. Mike’s attention to detail gives you peace of mind that GOFoods is here to stay and that your commissions are correct and in your account when they are scheduled to be there!

Executive Vice President of Operations, Jake Jensen, has led teams of thousands of IBO’s in the sales field, as well as in the corporate arena. Jake’s ability to keep things running smoothly, efficiently, and powerfully allows GOFoods IBO’s to share the GOFoods message with confidence. Jake is constantly reviewing and implementing new technologies that will keep GOFoods ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge.

Rounding out the team is Erin Hallmark. With a passion for media and written word, Erin oversees all communications activity for the company, internally and externally.

The GOFoods corporate team boasts over 200 years of combined experience leading teams and managing businesses. Integrity, skill, vision, positive relationships, and fiscal responsibility govern the GOFoods corporate team to ensure your decision to be a GOFoods Independent Business Owner is one of the most powerful, gratifying, and long lasting experiences of your life.

With a seasoned and experienced team passionate about making a difference in the lives of people all over the world, GOFoods has prepared for the future, by bringing on giants in the industry.

The Timing

When is the best time to join a company? It is an interesting question and one that is a topic of constant debate. Is the best time to join when a company is older and more established? They have sales in the hundreds of millions. They have a complete product line and all of the sales tools a person could ever want.

Or, is the best time to join when a company is still young and fresh? Where the sales are just beginning, but they have a history of success. Is the best time to join before a period of rapid growth known as momentum? During momentum, often times a company’s sales will grow hundred’s of millions in a few short years.

When is the best time to buy a stock? When it is at an all-time high, or when a company starts showing promise and the stock price is still low?
Many of the biggest leaders in the industry join while the company is still fresh and young and the growth is yet to come. Why? Opportunity!

With GOFoods, the opportunity and timing are perfect.

However, there is more…

The timing is even more perfect. Why? Never in the history of our nation, have more people needed more help than they do today. 46.2 million American’s, more than at any time in our history, live below the poverty level. Our poverty rate, at 15.1% per cent (Sept 2011) is the highest of any major industrialized nation.

In almost every neighborhood in America today, even in the richest, there will be some who go to bed tonight without any food. In every neighborhood, there are husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, children and individuals, going to bed praying for an answer to their financial dilemma.

Our world is full of calamities and uncertainties. Food shortages during times of disaster are abundant. Economic times are volatile, and prices are increasing. How prepared is your family if the market shelves are empty? What would it be like to know that in times of hardship, you and your family don’t need to worry about what you are going to eat?

There is hope, there is a solution, and it is called GOFoods. What a difference it makes to have healthy nutritious meals that can be prepared in as little as 20 minutes for the family. Instead of eating out, the family eats together again. In less time than it takes to go and pick up fast food, a nutritious, gourmet meal can be prepared.

The other great thing? By the power of the GOFoods Compensation Plan, a person can earn $500 or more in their first month; they can earn $1,000 and even more. This is a time when we need solutions. The extra money and nutritious, healthy gourmet meals of GOFoods will help millions! The timing is perfect, because everyone needs what we have to offer.

The Product

The GOFoods family of products makes bringing simplicity and security to life, as well as bringing your family back to the table, a cinch. GOFoods entrees, bakery goods, breakfasts, and beverages are nutritious, free of MSG, GMO’s, Hydrogenated Oils, and are all Kosher certified. Many of the GOFoods products carry the Nutriversal Seal of Approval and are Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, or Soy Free.

We live in a time when business is conducted at the speed of light. With the push of a button on a phone, people can text people from multiple countries at once. Our society seems to demand instant answers to every question. How often does dinnertime roll around and we realize that we haven’t even thought of what to make for dinner? It happens more often than we’d like to admit. We find ourselves getting take-out, going out to eat, or not eating at all.

Extensive research shows the benefits of eating together as a family. The research is clear that children and teenagers are better students, have less risk of drug or alcohol abuse, and are happier if they eat dinner with their family.

Food costs are increasing. How can being a GOFoods IBO help me? GOFoods is the perfect answer. You won’t spend any more money than you already spend on food. It’s called a transfer purchase— taking a portion of your budget already devoted to eating and transferring it to improve your life with purchases of GOFoods — All this built around the theme of Serve, Save and Share.


GOFoods meals are simple to prepare. Simply tear off the top of the pouch, pour the contents into a pot with the recommended amount of water, heat, stir, and serve. In 20 minutes or less, you have a delicious meal on your table that will satisfy any appetite or taste. Eating has never been more delicious, simple or convenient!

Saving money on your grocery bill has never been easier! Eating out is expensive and loaded with extra calories. Even regular home cooked meals cost more than the cost per serving of a meal prepared with GOFoods TRANSFER a portion of the money you are already spending at the grocery store, and redirect it to your GOFoods budget. You won’t be spending more money than you already are, you will be saving money!


The unique packaging of GOFoods products makes it possible to store GOFoods meals for years and years. It’s best if used within 15 years, but stored in a cool dark place, you can store your GOFoods meals indefinitely. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that in the event of economic hardship, natural disaster, or food shortage, you have GOFoods to rely on.

Put aside four GOFoods meals each month into your personal food savings account and watch it grow. The compact and light packaging of GOFoods makes it possible to store food in a suitcase, under a bed, in a bag, in a backpack, on a shelf, or in a closet. Perfect for even the smallest of living and storage spaces.


The GOFoods message is so powerful, that you will want to share it with friends, family, and acquaintances. Food is one of the easiest things in the world to talk about because we ALL use it and need it. Everyone loves a good meal. Share GOFoods with four people each month and help them save and earn money too. By sharing the message of food and freedom, you can create a lifetime of income and security.

Go Hiking, Go Camping, Go Fishing, and Go Boating…But Don’t Go Hungry… Food that is on the GO…just like you. Delicious, Nutritious, Transportable, Storable, Convenient, and Fast.

The Compensation Plan

Almost everyone needs help with the budget. People are working longer hours than ever just to keep their job. Often times they are taking a pay cut and raises are almost out of the question. People are trying to find work or extra work and there aren’t any jobs to find. Everyone could use extra money to help with the family budget.

GOFoods has also written the perfect compensation plan. Whether you are a first timer to network marketing or a seasoned professional, the plan is perfect for you. It is a plan that was carefully drafted by industry experts and it is a plan that is easy enough to understand, that everyone will be excited from the start!

Our Fast Start income can help you earn $500 your first day in netWORK marketing!! Our unilevel pay-out can help those who aspire to earn $500 to $5,000 a month (of course, you can even earn more) and our Leadership Pools allow you to participate in the growth of the entire company. With the GOFoods compensation plan, you can make a full-time income and much, much more!

Even though we could write forever about the benefits of the plan and how you earn money, there just isn’t space here. To read a comprehensive description of the GO COMPENSATION plan, see the GO COMPENSATION booklet in your GO START kit.

Well there you have it. The perfect story to the ultimate opportunity. Think about it, even as you read this booklet, there are thousands of people holding network marketing meetings around the world. Some people are trying to convince their prospects that their drink is better than some other company’s. Even if they do recruit someone, their product has at most, a small market penetration. Other people are trying to convince their prospects that their lotion is better than other company’s; once again, battling it out for a small share of the market. They will try to talk about timing, but can it even compare to ours? They will try and explain a compensation plan that takes an industry expert to understand and only a few people ever make any money.

Or, you can have the perfect story. A company led by industry leaders; a product that has 100% market penetration, that people use multiple times a day and all they need to do is to transfer a portion of their existing budget; and a compensation plan that is easy to understand, but more importantly, is easy to start earning money with TODAY.

Your opportunity of a lifetime is here. Take advantage of all that GOFoods has to offer and share the message of food and freedom. Congratulations on your decision to GO forward and better your life and your world!