Revolutionary 25 Year LED Lights

LessPowerLessCost Revolutionary 25 Year LED Lights

LED Lights Save You Money:

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights cost much less than “cheap” incandescent bulbs to operate. They last MUCH longer than CFLs and incandescent bulbs, so in the long run they also cost much less to replace! They use less electricity to produce the same amount of light which can save you a bundle of money LED lighting is up to 90 percent more efficient than standard lighting and is more eco-friendly, durable, safe and stylish. BILLO LED lights are also manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals (unlike CFLs and standard fluorescent lights which both contain mercury and are considered toxic to dispose of through the regular trash). Please click here to use our calculator to see how much YOU will save.

LEDs Last and Last and Last – which saves you even more money

Over 50 light bulbs Revolutionary 25 Year LED Lights

BILLO LED lights cost less than the “cheap” incandescent bulbs to replace because incandescent bulbs do not last very long and are quite fragile.  LEDs may cost more up front, but they last for 25 years (or more – like BILLO lights)!  If you compare just the cost of replacement, LEDs are much less expensive!

Go ahead and click here to use our calculator to see how much YOU will save.

Are All LEDs Built The Same Way?

All LED lights are not created equal.  It is a FACT that LED lights draw less power (with the same lumen output) than traditional incandescent or CFL bulbs, thus immediately saving you on energy costs.  It is also a FACT that LED lights can last longer than traditional bulbs, saving you in replacement costs.   Now, are all LED lights equal? No! LEDs require some heat to operate at peak efficiency.  The hotter they get, the less energy they use because an LED acts like a superconductor when you heat them up. Hotter = More efficient!

HOWEVER…, too much heat can dramatically shorten the life of an LED light.  Most “cheap” LED lights will throw wattage at the LEDs to get bright lights with no thought to controlling the over-heating of the LEDs.  These LED lights WILL NOT last as long as BILLO lights and you will end up having to re-invest in better ones.  BILLO lights have the ONLY patented solution for creating the best “thermal junction” in the industry, so our bulbs will last longer while producing amazingly high watt to lumen ratios.  This means VERY bright lights while using VERY little electricity and operating at their optimal temperature for a VERY Long Life.  HOW?  COHS: “Chip on Heat Sink ®” technology.

What Is Inside BILLO Lights That Makes Such A Difference?

COHS inside Revolutionary 25 Year LED LightsAs we pointed out above, “All LED lights are not created equal…” and “…too much heat can dramatically shorten the life of an LED light”.  All BILLO lights run at the optimal temperature to get the most lumens per watt (brightest light while drawing less electricity). We are able to achieve this technological breakthrough with our patented COHS technology.



Chip On Heat Sink (COHS) design means that we have re-written the book on how LED lights are manufactured.  Everyone else uses an LED created as a component.  They then place that LED on a circuit board, and then they try to cool the circuit board with a heat sink.

LED light Design Revolutionary 25 Year LED Lights

This is not efficient at all.  Because the circuit board (substrate) is between the heat sink and the part that is generating the heat (the LED), there is very little heat removal. This is because the circuit board does not let the heat pass through to the heat sink (please note: heat sinks are designed to dissipate or remove heat from a heat producing object).  This allows heat to build up in all the layers between the light engine (the LED) and the heat sink.  Remember, too much heat destroys LEDs,  so everyone else has to run their LEDs lights cooler and this means less efficiently (more electricity to generate the same amount of light).  If they run them hotter to lower the amount of electricity used, this causes the LED light to “burn out” quickly resulting in a greater reduction of the bulb’s life span.  So stay away from the cheap LED bulbs with a bad design! They do not have COHS inside and are not meticulously manufactured like BILLO bulbs are, causing you to re-invest in new LED bulbs much sooner than expected.

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